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Server HOWTO's

What is running on each server and how to operate your server.
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Server HOWTO's

Postby admin » Fri Feb 26, 2016 7:16 pm

Series of posts describing how to perform certain actions on your server. As always, nobody knows better than Google, so you can check there as well. When searching make sure to include the term UBUNTU as thats the version of Linux we operate. All versions of Linux do not contain the same commands or files although each has an equivilient.
We do not use CentOS or any variety of Red-Hat, use only commands that are for Ubuntu/Debian. For example when adding software (which you, as a user cant do anyways but this is an example) Debian uses apt-get install while Red-Hat uses yum install. Both commands will install the exact same software such as the Mysql or Apache2 servers so there is little difference other than the commands used. As a user, you dont need to be concerned with any of the system commands.

  • How to execute a file such as your gameserver.
    You must type in its name with the file location. If you are in the same folder as your executable file then you still MUST use the current folder notation of ./
    So in my image, I have an executable file named dothat. I first type dothat and it fails with an error not found. So then when I use the correct "current folder" notation with the command ./dothat, it works.
    System commands do NOT need to use the notation as shown when I LIST the contents of my logs folder using ls logs.
    In Linux, the file name or extension does not matter. You can name a file anything and execute or read anything. When using ls, you notice the files are color coded. Blue are used for folders. Green for exectuable files. White for files that are not Executable (text files).
    If your gameserver file that you want to execute is NOT green then its NOT executable. You must change the file permissions with chmod +x filename as shown. Look at the simple instructions I used and what they displayed

  • Linux files have REALLY REALLY REALLY LONG NAMES WITH LOTS OF CHARACTERS. Do I have to type it all in?
    No. Linux autocompletes everything if you press the TAB key. I typed in nano th and then pressed TAB and it finished it for me.

  • I want my server to restart every day at 3a.m. How can I do that?
    With Crontab scheduler. At the command line type contrab -e (for EDIT) and you will be shown this screen.
    Simply put in the command and when you want it to run, press CTRL-x then CTRL-s to save.

  • I need a Mysql database, how do I do that?
    You have to ask for a database to be created for you if you dont already have one. Then you can login at the serverIP/phpadmin
    We can create as many databases as you need, just ask. if you are in a hurry and dont want to wait for us then you can usually run more than one program in the same database simply by making sure they dont have identical table names. Often a program will have the option for a "table prefix" which will add that to each table name to make sure it doesnt conflict with some other software.
    Example: Our websites share a single database named websitesDB.
    Iareserver is installed with a tableprefix of svr_ while IareGameplayer is installed with tableprefix of plyr_
    So single database, two identical software each with its own set of identical tables. So I have svr_users and plyr_users tables ....

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