Urban Terror

This was one of our favorite games for YEARS .. and still is if we can find any opponents. We are running a few servers still ..
This game supports bots on SOME maps. In the latest versions of the game the included maps have been updated to support bots. In order to run bots on your server you need to edit your server.cfg like below. Notice that you must ENABLE bots, then load the map, THEN you can add the bots.

bot_enable 1
map ut4_turnpike
addbot Puma 4 Blue 76 LessDumbBot
addbot Cougar 3 red 76 DumbBot

We have an auto-download repository at http://rsync.iareserver.com/q3ut4that you can use in your server.cfg and any maps you have listed will be automatically downloaded by the clients. Your server needs the map installed in its q3ut4 folder though.

File Downloads

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