Control Panel

The Control Panel

  • DASHBOARD: this is the main page where you can see any notices from admins and any INVOICES DUE.  If you click on the INVOICES box you can also view all your previously paid invoices
  • SHOP: Purchase any new gameservers
  • GAME MONITOR: Click on this and you can view your current gameservers (more information below)
  • TASK SCHEDULER: Set your server to start/stop/restart at scheduled times.  It uses the format of the Linux Cronjob
  • UTILITIES: The main feature here is if you have a server that supports Sourcemod or AMXmod you can easily add admins. 
  • SUPPORT TICKETS: If you have an issue with your server, you can create a ticket here.  Although often the fastest way for help or if you just have a question is to post on our Discord


The Game Monitor

Here you can see information about your server.

  • SERVER NAME: You can change this by pressing the EDIT button
  • IP:PORT The joinable IP and Port
  • OWNER: You can assign a server to another user
  • SERVER EXPIRATION: How long until the server expires and needs to be renewed. Seven days before, an invoice will be created and there will be a link here and on the Dashboard

The Buttons

  • LOG VIEWER: Will display the end of the current log
  • SHOW SIZE: Total server disk space used
  • INSTALL: Steam or Rsync. This will update and reinstall and overwrite any edits you have made to the server. BACKUP any configuration files first.
  • EDIT: Change the server name, Rcon password, FTP user and password and assign to any subusers. 

    IMPORTANT! This is the ONLY place where you can change your server name or rconpassword. If you edit the config files directly, this will overwrite your changes.

  • FTP: You can use FILEZILLA or this integrated FTP client. It will display your FTP user, password and IP for you.
  • CONFIGURATION FILES: This is a direct link to some common configuration files for your game. You can also edit them using the FTP or File Manager
  • FILE MANAGER: FTP is usually faster but this always works. Browse your server files, you can select all files and delete or zip them up as a backup.

File Downloads

Files in directory (./files):