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add mods to Dayz server

 How to Add Mods to Your Dayz Server.

After you log in, click on Game Monitor, select the game type, click on that and the menu will expand revealing your server.


game monitor

Stop the server.

Once inside your servers game monitor, there are some blue buttons on the right side. Select File Manager.

file manager 1

This will bring you to the root of your server files. Scroll torwards the bottom and find the 'workshop_modlist.txt', click edit.

If there is any content inside the file, delete any and all text so you are working with a blank text file.

Now add the mods Steam ID followed by the name seperated by a comma. 

For example: 1567872567,@MyMod

Steam ID's can be found by doing an internet search of "Dayz modName Steam ID. The steam ID will appear on top of, or inside the search results.




Once you are finished, press the blue save button located on the bottom left.

You will see a notification of "Changes Saved Successfully". Next click on ^up one level^ located just below.

Click on the blue 'Back' button. This will bring you back to your Game Monitor.

Once you're back inside the Game Monitor, scroll down to the -mod= input bar area.

Add your mods in the following format, @CF;@Traders   Seperate each mod with a semicolon but exclude it on your last mod entry.

These are called your launch parameters.

mod launch parameters

Certain mods like alternative maps will require their input in the -mods=: section as well as the -servermod=: section.

Start the server. (((is a server start required first to DL the mods?))

The mods and their keys will be downloaded automatically from the Steam Workshop.

Join the server and check out your new mods!